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Hiring An SEO Company Is Smart

We live in a time where most operations are going online, and businesses are being forced to market their commodities on the web. Doing this requires a well-designed website that acts as your online headquarters where prospective clients can go to when they are interested in what you have to offer.

If your site does not appear on the top of the search results of the top search engines, people looking for what you have might not even know that you exist. Improving your search engine visibility can help to increase the traffic to your site which leads to better brand awareness and higher sales. If you lack the expertise and time to improve your site’s rankings, it would be prudent to hire an SEO firm.

You will come across several of them today and here are some ten questions to ask when considering the options at stake.

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  • 1. What Is Their Experience?

    How many years has the SEO company been in operation? Is it a new one or they have been around for some time? If so, how long have they been in operation? You need this information since the best company for you is one that has some experience in the field. The SEO area is continually evolving, and a company that has been around through the changes is better poised to offer you reliable services. New companies are not necessarily bad for you but selecting them is taking a gamble that could easily backfire. Furthermore, they have very limited history and record that can be used to analyze them to determine if they are right or not.

    2. What Services Do They Offer?

    The SEO turf is very wide, and it involves optimizing various aspects both on and off your website in a bid to get it ranking well. You want to find out what services an SEO firm has in store since it is better to get one that will exhaustively tackle this part of your business. It is terrible to hire one firm to deal with producing content for your site and having to get another one for the off-site optimization.  Get a firm that handles your digital marketing services comprehensively so that you do not have to look elsewhere.

    3. What Is Their Approach to Your SEO Problem at Hand?

    Before you get an SEO company for your business, you need to know how they will handle your SEO. Ask them about their methodology and plan on getting you ranked. Keep away from firms that do not want to explain their methods exhaustively as that is a red flag. Dig a little deeper and ask specific questions about how they get their client’s sites ranked. Some companies make use of black hat methods that can get you ranked first but increase the risk of getting your site penalized by Google.

    4. Who Will Do The Actual Work?

    It has been mentioned that SEO involves several tasks and you need to know who will be doing all the work. Firms operate differently, and some of them will ask you to deal with specific aspects of the SEO such as content creation. It is vital to know this from the onset since you want to settle on a firm that does very little and leave most of the work to you. Aside from that, ensure that you are hiring the actual service provider rather than a subcontractor that will outsource another firm to do the job.

    5. What Metrics Do They Use To Measure Progress?

    SEO is a process that takes some time for you to notice any significant results and you need to be aware of the metrics a company will use. Your SEO firm should have the right metrics put in place and set targets that will be used to know if they are on the right track or not. Some common metrics include traffic to your site, leads, and ranking of targeted keywords.



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6. Can They Provide A List Of Present And Previous Clients?

The best way of gauging the success rate of an SEO firm is by looking at what they have done before. Ask for the list of previous and present clients and check how they rank. You can go ahead and contact these clients and find out how the SEO Agency in question is. Getting some insight about a firm from the customer’s perspective is crucial since it helps you to uncover information that the firm cannot disclose to you.


7. How Will They Incorporate SEO With The Overall Marketing Strategy?

SEO is one part of a digital marketing campaign, and all aspects need to be in sync for them to yield the best results for a firm.  Avoid firms that want to execute their SEO tasks in isolation since you increase the risk of seeing these aspects colliding. Your SEO firm should be open to consulting with the other marketing teams as well as the development and sales departments for improved compatibility between the various branches of your company.

8. How Much Will They Charge?

SEO services are not cheap, and you need to know the amount a firm expects from you. Some companies will charge higher and others low. Do some research and find out the average amount charged by companies for you to know whether one is expensive or cheap. When looking at the fees, do not do it in isolation but also check the value being offered. The overall target is to get a firm that will provide you with the best value for your money.

9. How Do They Communicate?

You need to be in constant communication with your SEO firm, and it is vital to inquire about this aspect. Ask about their communication style and customer service so that you know what to do when you have a pressing concern. If a firm prefers to talk via Skype, email or phone, ensure that you are aware of it. Aside from that, find out how often they will reach out to you with the status updates.

10. How Will They Stay Up To Date On The Changes?

SEO is constantly changing, and a reliable firm should always adjust to these changes for them to keep your site ranking. Ask about this and their specific plan for keeping your campaign up to date. You want to deal with a company that follows the information posted by Google and adjusts in a timely fashion to avoid cases of your site being surpassed by your competition.

Once you ask your potential SEO companies the mentioned questions and have the answers, it is time to make a decision. Analyze then critically and do not jump into signing long-term contracts. Offer them as much information as possible about your website and company as it will make their work easier.

After checking their experience, you take a close look at their portfolio of websites. Almost all the web design agencies typically have a portfolio page on their website wherein they link to the websites designed by them. It is important for you to visit a few of these websites that have been designed by the agency.

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10 Questions You Should Ask Before You Hire an SEO Company
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10 Questions You Should Ask Before You Hire an SEO Company
10 Questions You Should Ask Before You Hire an SEO Company We live in a time where most operations are going online, and businesses are being forced to market their commodities on the web. Doing this requires a well-designed website that acts as your online...
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