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Way Out Digital is an Athens web design company dedicated to creating beautiful and powerful websites for individuals and businesses. Our main concern is to help organizations bring their services and goods to the world through their website.

We have a fully functional team of experts who love developing stunning websites to suit the taste of clients and visitors. Our experienced team of developers works together to bring into existence incredible web pages crafted with a clean markup language.

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Why your business needs a website?

Almost every business today is online. The internet has made it possible for us to transact with companies all over the world no matter where we are. This has brought about a rise in the use of websites to present businesses, schools, organizations to the world.

Having a site can bring a change to your sales. People now shop online from e-commerce websites while they also pay for services they need without any hassle.

You can grow your business by having a website. You need to get one built as soon as you start planning your new business.. However, when looking for a company to handle the development process, Way Out Digital is your best bet as we are specialized in developing custom business websites.

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Strategy Development And Research

Athens Web Design Strategy Development And Research

Before we lay our hands on any project, we first make a thorough research of the business so that we know how to create our strategy. A well-planned project equates a well-executed project. We need to plan our method of approach so that we would be able to serve you better. We will make very intensive research of your business. We will find out more about the business structure, mode of operation and also the industry in which you operates.

We will look for trending topics, most used keywords and even customers reactions to that type of business. We do this in order to combine all these findings into making a strategy that will teleport you to the front page of search engines and at the same time help grow your business.

Creating Web Design Content

A web page’s content is it’s medium of expression. It communicates directly with the visitor. Badly written content is the downfall of a website. Websites visitors need to get as much information as possible on the page before they got interested. If a web page content lacks the persuasive and informative ability it should possess, it would be tough for that website to convert. This is because the visitors won’t be able to comprehend what the business or product is all about.

At Athens Web Design, we provide companies with a well-written content which is guaranteed to bring real-time conversion. Contents we create are usually educative, informative and engaging which is bound to keep visitors glued to your website until they got interested. We have a team of professional web content creators who are skilled in telling your companies story.

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Web Design Athens Ga

Athens Ga Web Design

A websites physical appearance says a lot about its credibility. Website’s visitors tend to trust businesses that make use of ultra-sleek design on their sites. The first thing that users notice is the UI of a website. They dazzle in the attractiveness even before reading the contents. It is imperative to seek the service of a good website developing company to get a superb result.

 We offer a clean Athens web design service for our web projects. We build sites with an ultra-sleek touch which appeal to the eye of the visitors of the website. We make an artistic blend of colors which promotes your brand and increase the physical awareness of your business.

Competitor Analysis

We provide a well-organized competitor analysis. We go into your market to search for competitors. We get to know them and their method of operation. Our findings will definitely go a long way in putting our strategy into place. We pay undivided attention to the content used, the approach and loopholes which we can take advantage of to make you number one among your competitors.

Competitor Analysis
Athens Web Development

Web Development

Yes! This is the fun part — the development process. It is the primary and most important process when creating a website. You should never in any situation let an inexperienced developer build your business website. At Athens Web Design comopany, we offer a web development service which soars above other web development services you might find somewhere else.

When you hire us to build your site, we don’t have a sole developer doing all the work. We use a whole team of experienced developers who would exchange ideas and together create great codes to make a responsive, attractive and powerful website for your small or large business.


We also help with launching websites to make it visible to the world. We offer the best in web hosting. Issues like malware, SQL injections, and web page hacking is still rampant, and website owners need to make sure their website is free of these problems.

We use the latest site lock software to keep your website away from hackers. We launch your website using the best tools.

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How we work

Step One

The first step we take is to get familiar with what you would want your website to look like. We get all the necessary information which will help us to create a befitting site for your business. We loved it when clients took the time to tell us the exact result they want. However, if you couldn’t put your hand on which approach or design is best for you. We are here to help you to decide the suitable design that will suit your business.

Step Two

The next step is for us to commence work on building your website. We combine our many years of experience with our expertise of our web development team to design an attractive and responsive website for your business. We make sure we use the latest website creation techniques in the development. We will design a very user-friendly website with an easy navigation and user Interface.

Step Three

After we are through with the development, we present you with your entirely built website. You will then need to review our work so that we can be sure of your satisfaction. We prepare to launch your website as soon as you are through with the revision which we are sure you will find appealing. 

How We Can Help Grow Your Business

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Web Design

Proper web design is the difference between a high-functioning website that sells customers on using your services and a malfunctioning mess which leads clients to believe a company lacks attention to detail and professionalism.

Web design isn’t just about the colors and layout of your website. Instead, proper web design is focused on the functionality of your website.

The longer a client remains active on your site, the more likely they are to do business with you in the future.

Good web design results in a highly usable website provides value to visitors and engages them for long periods of time.

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Mobile Responsive Design

Over half of web traffic now comes from mobile devices. Instead of slowing down, this trend is increasing exponentially.

Google now penalizes websites whose design is not mobile optimized, displaying their pages lower down in search results.

Many potential clients who stumble upon a page which is not mobile optimized will simply leave.

This damages your relevancy scores and ensures that your website is unable to maintain top ranking without expending large amounts of money.

Mobile responsive web design is essential to ensure that your website garners all of the traffic and customers it deserves.

We are a Nashville Web Design company who understands your needs. Visit our portfolio page to view examples of our work.

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Web Development

Building a website from scratch can be one of the most intense undertakings that a company is involved in.

Realizing that it’s finally time to build a website is only the beginning of this journey.

From that point, there are a host of additional decisions about network security, hosting, and general function of the website.

And that’s just the beginning!

Web development projects can quickly become overwhelming. Consultation with an expert Nashville web designer from the beginning of the process is the best way to ensure that the project comes in on time and under budget. 

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Social Media Marketing

An increasingly large amount of purchasing decisions are being made as customers engage with their friends and family on social media.

An even larger number of purchasing decisions are being influenced by customers engaging with brands and companies within these social spheres.

Consumer expectation of brand engagement continues to grow, and with it, the amount of social engagement that is required by companies driven to succeed.

Good social media marketing is not a side project and it is not something that happens by accident. It is a data-driven science based on verifiable results.

Visit our Facebook page and follow along.

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Search Engine Optimization

Whole fortunes are made and broken on the backs of Google Search results rankings.

It sounds extreme, but adjusting your website to better appeal to the qualifications highlighted by the Google Search algorithm can be a revolutionary change in terms of web traffic and volume of business.

It is also one of the most inexpensive investments you can make in the marketing of your business. Unlike advertisements, search engine optimization (often shortened to SEO) is inexhaustible.

Once your website has been redesigned to improve your search engine results rankings, the improvements will continue to bear fruit in perpetuity.

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Pay Per Click

Pay-Per-Click advertising is the backbone of the modern internet.

A properly managed pay-per-click campaign allows you to place your business in front of exactly the clients who are looking for your service at precisely the moment they are looking.

Many businesses attempt to manage their own pay-per-click advertising campaigns and find themselves disappointed with lackluster results.

While technology makes this advertising strategy look easy, it actually requires quite a bit of research and attention to detail. Targeting is key and expertise is required.

A highly experienced pay-per-click campaign manager can make sure you’re dominating the right pages instead of over-paying for clicks on pages controlled by your competitors.

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